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Did you know that nine out of ten diseases in the body heals itself? And that most of us are not aware of this. It is not difficult at all to activate the self-healing powers. Let me help you!
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Below I would like to tell something to anyone interested in feeling good:

Are you healthy? - we could start today

Did you know that in nine out of ten diseases the body threats it itself? Most of us are not aware of this, it is not difficult at all to activate the self-healing powers.

Me, the Energizer will help you!

Our body has countless Self healing mechanisms. Many of them are unfamiliar to most people and they can not heal themselves! I can not do it for you, but like the Energizer can show you how to do that in the future all by yourself! You'll be amazed at what lies latent in you. Use your potential and my knowledge as Energizer! In today's world there are many people who complain of overwork, stress, heartache, pain and various other problem situations. Through strong load may they may be afraid more and more and in particular at future fears, phobias even to family problems, addictions and physical andemotional pain. Depression is not far away. Help to teach positive thinking to cope with panic attacks, eating disorders and chronic fatigue with my help. We activate forces together and change in body and soul to a healthy unit. Energy drinks can also be symptoms of menopause, behavioral problems, insomnia, hyperactivity, problems at school or bullying. One of the options is "3FACH EMOTION". You can turn your emotions into positive energy! . In stressful situations people takes different choices. What and how it represents a potential trigger an occasional negative feeling. Feeling and merge situation, and it is a negative behavior pattern (often an avoidance response), and recur in similar situations. Here we come in and divide it into 3 phases:
- We isolate the problem - Eliminate the negative feelings. - And replace them with positive emotions.
This works without drugs or any aids, clean with a change of emotion.
Emotions are often related to smell and other sensations. Essential oils are a very helpful support here. I'll show you which oils you can use for your personal well-being and improvement of health. Everyone reacts differently to it. very, very important to tailor your needs is therefore advising. Thus you will achieve the best results. Oils helps in depression, heartache, pain or is also very good for daily relaxation after a hard day at work. Essential oils also helps assist children in school to increase concentration and performance.
Oils from Energizers for every day:
- To relax with overwork, stress, hyperactive children - For more peace of puberty- Athens in problem situations such as family problems, relationship problems, behavioral problems - For pupils with school problems, for better concentration - To settle down, for sleep, and for now - Athens in fear as fear of the future, panic attacks, phobias, depression, hearache- Inpain (both physical and mental pain), grief pain, discomfort during menopause - To assist in positive thinking, bullying, conflict - Athens in removing constraints, obsessive, compulsive, eating disorders

Relaxation is the foundation of health and strength!

It is quite simple and easy to get into deep relaxation. This is extremely important for the body and soul to the many challenges in our world to cope with positive mood and energy. I'll show you how you can be in any situation - you can completely relax and recharge in a few seconds - for business or pleasure. My techniques are suitable for all ages. For the exercises we use music and autogenous training. Furthermore, I will show you a lot more options, so we can find what's best for you. During my UN mission, Me and my dogs remained calm and relaxed and repeatedly had the topic to save our life. This knowledge, I want to pass you. To be an Energizer, has very little to do with esoterictradition. But a great deal of mathematics. Because much is based on figures 3, 5 and 7 of life. Much can therefore be a positive change. In our cells, their arrangement, as well as our entire lives so are many mathematical pattern. Patterns from real life shaped by the interplay between neurons in the brain. The cross-links that arises from them yesterday and especially today marked. Here, your present actions and your thinking conditions for the morning. It occurs complex relationships between body and mind, or body and soul. When these are out of balance, it can lead to various diseases. Here we help the math to recognize patterns and to find more health.
I share my service after 3 Groups: Adults, children and pets.
In Professional and private life people are always under increased pressure. Get hold through this pressure. It is no coincidence that burnout and many other diseases as stress, headaches, back pain, heart disease, etc., are becoming stronger. These are warning signals from your body, that you are no longer energetically in balance. Mind and body gets out of balance. But the problems in the partnership and the double burden of work and family life has an effect on the mental balance. Here I come in. Together we can doctor your energy and by different methods find your emotional, mental and physical balance. Let me help you before it's too late! Heart attack or stroke is not desirable. Be better, healthier and full of energy! Call me or book an appointment, I'll help you if you want!
Especially in children, the balance between mind and body is not as strong as an adult. Therefore it is very important to treat gently. During adolescence especially youth feel torn between love, harmony and blockade or to test the limits. In addition strained first relationship problems and heartache. During this time you should be especially aware of the soul and a lot of time, because they have feelings and hearing. If these many different feelings can not be processed and will be blocked, it can be easy, as the spirit or soul in search of a disease, to draw attention to the case of maladministration. Here I can help to intervene and get the energy back into balance. In difficult cases, I like to work with your psychologist or psychiatrist. Together we can help you and your child to be healthy again faster.
HELP for dogs and dog owners
Animals react much more sensitively to the general energetic signals than we humans. Dogs do not have anything to "think" to make it work, and there is no placebo effect, which aids healing, this shows that helping people to help themselves actually works! Kinesiology for dogs (or other animals) is a comprehensive teaching. Not symptoms alone are treated, but the whole animal. There is a balance, and the balance between emotion - body - spirit and now. So be very quick with "behavior problems" or getting sick animals back to "normal". The most common mistake is that people anthropomorphises their pets too. This can be seen then in the corresponding behavior of the animal. Thus, the pursuit of the animal is almost always a knowledge transfer to the owner. I've worked with animals since childhood, with dogs for the UN and so overall got an awful lot of experience. This experience I would now like to pass on to you.